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Roofing in Snow Covered Regions


Snow covered regions are much trickier to normal regions when it comes to roof design and construction. In this article, we will discuss the various things that you need to look into before choosing the roof over your head. Firstly, it is wise to construct a gable roof in snow-heavy regions for the simple reason being the design of the gable roof. Gable roofs are designed to have a steep slope that prevents the accumulation of snow since the snow runs off on the sides. In addition to its design; gable roofs have a minimum pitch of 4:12, which is the perfect range to prevent snow from gathering on the roof. A gable roof is perfect for a regular residential unit but if the house has an intricate architectural design; a gable roof cannot be used. In which case, we suggest that you instead go for dormers that are usually designed for a shed. These dormers tend to complement the architectural intricacies and still hold up as good as a gable roof in snow-heavy regions.

While constructing a roof, keep in mind that ventilation is one of the most essential facets. Ventilation will prevent snow from clogging on the roof, thereby preventing leaks to occur in the roof. Ventilation is also important if you wish to add a chimney or gutter line to your roof. Since these locations are prime areas for the snow to gather; this coagulation of snow can lead to the structural integrity of the roof becoming compromised. We suggest that you avoid having any form of additional feature to the roof; as in preventing the need for extra ventilation completely. Improperly ventilated chimneys are said to be the major cause of ice dams forming in and around the chimneys.


Our final suggestion is that you use metal to construct your roof. Although metal is going to be more expensive when compared to asphalt shingles, hear us out. Metal helps to retain heat and the surface of the metallic roof makes it difficult for snow to accumulate. Metal roofs have other benefits such as prevention of ice dams and damage to property and people due to sudden fall of a huge load of snow as well. One of the major reasons that a lot of snow owners prefer asphalt shingles is due to the cost-effectiveness of asphalt shingles. We are not going to lie to you, the metal roof is going to be more expensive, but metal roofs tend to have a greater lifespan than roofs made of asphalt shingles; average approximation shows that metal roofs last 2.5 times longer. Experts suggest that metal roofs can withstand structural integrity for about 50 years.

Roofing in Tropical Regions


A large part of the human population lives in the tropical regions. Tropical regions are a fun place to live your life due to balanced weather conditions and greenery. But the downfall is that having a house in the tropics is going to be a stressful experience. The tropics are usually filled with months where there will be excess rainfall and then followed by months where there is prolonged heat. We have researched for you and come up with the best roofing strategies for your house in the tropics.

If you are in the process of building your house, then we suggest that you go for purposefulness over an aesthetic appeal when it comes to your roof. The type of roof that experts suggest is the hipped roof. Hipped roofs are one where the roof slopes from the centre to the sides. The slope is quite steep, and the pitch is quite large to accommodate the excess rainfall. Leakage is the main spot of bother, and hipped roofs perfectly combat this by ensuring that water slides off the roof.

When it comes to roofing material, you have a lot of choices. But we want to emphasise on three parameters that you need to check before installing the roof material. They are durability, reflectiveness and cost-effectiveness. Most houses in the tropical regions have clay tiles; clay tiles have high reflectiveness and are extremely cost-effective. Reflectiveness is important because it ensures that heat isn’t retained in the roof, thereby cooling the house down tremendously. The biggest problem with clay tiles is that they are not durable. They often crack; these cracks can then lead to leakage. Most house owners prefer to install concrete tiles; concrete tiles tick all the check boxes and are thus very popular. Some house owners are going for slate tiles; slate tiles can last for decades but they give a metallic finish to the roof and may look more Scandinavian than tropical when it comes to aesthetics, and they will cost you a lot more than clay or concrete tiles.

bamboo roof

The second option is to have roofs made out of light-coloured metal. Light coloured metal is perfect since it is extremely reflective in nature and quite durable. But the problem with metallic roofs is that they are the least bit aesthetic among all the options.

Your final choice is to have a synthetic thermoplastic layer on your roof. These types of roofs are seen in residential complexes and in houses that are very large. The roofing material is expensive in short orders but is very affordable in bulk.

As a final thought; it matters more about how you live than how others perceive you live.

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