Is It Worthwhile To Replace My Windows?

Rewards Of Replacement Windows

The benefit of replacing old doors and windows in your home is significantly higher than a cosmetic upgrade, especially if they are not in their best shape anymore; the savings you will make by improving the energy efficiency of your home and lowering energy bills each month will add to the satisfaction you feel as a homeowner. New windows made from modern materials (PVC, composites etc.) are both practical and stylish and they have more functions than you would have thought: they are aesthetically pleasing, enhance the curb appeal of your home, reduce your electricity costs, provide you with protection against exterior sounds as well as against thieves.

Advantages of new windows

  1. New windows are energy efficient

Windows made of high quality modern profiles will ensure a high degree of energy savings, especially if they are installed on a properly insulated building. PVC is currently the most popular window material and is also a great choice for those who put thermal insulation in the top of their priorities.

  1. New windows have a very good cost-benefit ratio

The price of new replacement windows Lincoln companies offer depends on the materials they are made from, but regardless your choice, you will get a fair cost-benefit ratio. New windows are expected to last for the next 30 years and even longer, so you will get benefits in the long run even for the most expensive products.

  1. New windows offer great sound insulation

Due to their high sound attenuation index, installing new windows is ideal for crowded urban areas, where noise pollution is a big issue.

  1. New windows – ecological balance

New windows are eco-friendly. This is due to the fact that they are made mostly of recyclable material and also due to their durability and low level of pollution during their manufacturing process, which leads to ecological balance and contributes significantly to environmental protection.

If you have ever wondered how much of the gas and oil reserves are used to heat and power the buildings, well, about 40%; only a modest percent is used to produce modern windows. New window materials have a minimum environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions, compared to other products made of metal or glass, for example.

  1. New windows are made of materials that require minimal maintenance

One of the advantages of modern windows is that they do not require special maintenance. Owners must only be concerned about cleaning them now and then. Most importantly, windows made of modern materials create a healthy environment and contribute to the adequate level of indoor air comfort.

  1. Very good cost-benefit ratio

Installing new windows offer benefits in terms of costs (production costs, purchasing costs and costs related to maintenance, during their lifetime). Wooden frames are about 30-40% more expensive than PVC profiles, and aluminum windows cost 45% more, representing the most expensive alternative, but all these materials have a very long lifespan, and if we take in calculation the energy efficiency, it is safe to say that costs are saved in the long run.