Learn About the Most Durable Commercial Roofing Products

For flat roofs, bituminous asphalt cardboard was the favorite material in the past. Currently, technologies such as EPDM, TPO and PVC have become very popular due to their particular protective properties. A local professional Dallas commercial roofing contractor has portfolios of products based on bitumen, silicones and hybrids, in order to obtain accurate and durable results.


EPDM is a rubber membrane (synthetic rubber) produced in large sheets. It has a special chemical composition that makes it very practical, weather resistant and very long lasting. EPDM membranes are extremely popular today, having a wide range of uses, from roofs and terraces to foundations, cellars, swimming pools and industrial halls. These waterproofing membranes are just as useful in the field of civil construction (housing, public and commercial institutions) and in industrial halls or agricultural and fishing facilities.


  • EPDM membranes are specially designed to adapt to the most demanding current construction standards.
  • Rubber membranes are very resistant and have a very long life.
  • With their very stable chemical characteristics, EPDM membranes withstand excellently the harshest atmospheric conditions, heavy rains and snows, frosts and extreme heat. Ultraviolet rays do not visibly affect them.
  • Installation is extremely simple and also quick. (these membranes are produced in sheets up to 61 meters long and do not require much gluing).
  • They are surprisingly flexible and extensible (EPDM membranes can be extended by up to 300% even at -45 degrees Celsius).
  • They are cheap and have low installation costs.
  • They do not require maintenance and, in case of emergency, they can be quickly repaired even after 30 years from installation.
  • They are recyclable and can be used for road paving.


Production of TPO membranes began in the 1990s. The basis for today’s production is thermoplastic polyolefins. As part of the material, there are special additives to improve the fire resistance, as well as antioxidants and various stabilizers. All these help to increase the durability of the product and its resistance to external conditions. TPO membranes are reinforced with polyester foil, but there are also versions produces with no reinforcement.

The base of the TPO membrane is the carbon chain and the sulfur compound, which help it to harden. The synthetic method allows obtaining a circulating carbon sequence, which combines ethylene and propylene. The first is spent in the proportion of 50-70%, the second – in the range of 30 to 50%. This ensures the desired chain strength.

TPO membranes are recommended for use on roofs that have a complex configuration, such as:

  • administrative buildings
  • recreation centers
  • sports facilities
  • coffee shops
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • different other business


PVC membranes are a modern solution for waterproofing any type of commercial roof. This synthetic membrane is reinforced with polyester fiber, applied freely and mechanically fixed.

PVC membranes have distinct advantages over traditional methods of waterproofing flat roofs:

  • special mechanical resistance
  • long-term elasticity and flexibility
  • very small static loads of the structures
  • they burn without flame
  • lifespan of more than 50 years
  • aesthetic aspect
  • energy efficient
  • 90% recyclable

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