The Sturdiest Roof Types – Materials and Warranties

Sturdiness is among the most important features that property owners look for when selecting the roof for their new home or the replacement roof for their home renovation project, so here are the sturdiest roof types available today.
Slate Roof
With longevity that exceeds 100 years, slate is certainly one of the most durable and sturdiest types of roofing systems. Made from slabs of natural stone, slate roofs are resistant to any weather and they offer unparalleled beauty as well, but you need a professional roofer with experience working with stone to be able to enjoy the great looks of your roof and your building also needs to be sufficiently solid to be able to hold up the heavy weight of the stone.
Clay Roofs
Clay tiles are also durable – many missions in California have clay roofs that have been standing strong for over a century and still show no sign of decay. Clay tiles are made from ceramic material that undergoes thermal treatment to make it more resistant. The resulting tiles are not sensitive to rot, fire or corrosion, but they are quite brittle and don’t resist well to impact, so clay roofs need to be inspected after every storm and any cracked tiles need to be replaced immediately to avoid leaks. Just like slate roofs, clay tile systems are also quite heavy and need to be installed by professionals.
Wood Shakes
Wood shake roofs are warranted for 35-40 years and if maintained and installed properly, they are, indeed, among the most attractive and most durable roofing solutions. Wood shakes require special expertise to install and they need to be meticulously inspected and treated with protective coating every few years to make the wood sufficiently resistant to the harmful actions of water and harsh sunshine, but homeowners who can undertake such extra work, a wood roof is an excellent investment. There is one more thing, though, that you also need to know before you choose wood for your new roof: the material ignites easily, therefore it is not recommended for very fire-prone areas.
Metal Roofs
Metal roofs are also very sturdy – most systems last for at least 30-50 years. The material is safe to use in fire-prone areas as well as in regions that get wet climate and they provide excellent thermal protection for homes in very hot and very cold areas as well. The alloys used in metal roofing systems are also lightweight, therefore suitable for lightweight buildings as well.
Composite Roofs
These roofing solutions can last any amount of time from 15 to 50 years – the cheapest, lowest quality composite shingles might need to be replaced after slightly more than a decade and a half spent on the roof, while high-quality composite roofs can last for well over half a century.
framed roof trusses
The sturdiest roof types offer buildings reliable protection against water, snow, hail, wind and harsh sunshine. When you choose the material for your next roof, try to evaluate your options based on the climate in your area as well as based on the features of your architecture. For a quality roof, consult with Port Huron roofing companies to determine what roof system will work best with your home and budget.