Tips for Navigating Disaster Recovery

Navigating Through Panama City Natural DisastersNatural disasters can happen at any time and they happen in a moment’s notice – in many cases, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes and floods break out without any prior notice, leaving behind devastated homes and people in shock. However, when your property is damaged or destroyed by some sort of natural calamity, it is very important to take action as soon as possible after the event – here are a few tips that can make the process of disaster recovery faster and less stressful.

Quick Submission of the Insurance Claim

The damage sustained by your property needs to be assessed a quickly as possible and the insurance claim file needs to be compiled and submitted fast as well because the faster you submit your file, the sooner your insurer will process your claim. You can get help regarding the procedure from your insurance agent or directly from the carrier of your insurance.

Your insurance claim file will need to include proof of the damage, so it is essential to take pictures and/or videos of the damaged property right after the event.

Help from Other Organizations

If your insurance policy does not cover for the type of damage sustained by your property, there are various sources of help that you can turn to. If the property that has sustained the damage is an asset of your small company, you can check out whether you are eligible for support programs offered by the Small Business Administration and there are other forms of help provided by the federal government as well.

Protection of Your Property

You also need to take steps to prevent any aggravation of the damage sustained by your property before the restoration of the building is complete – disregarding this obligation can lead to complications when you deal with your insurer. The insurance claim process involves the assessment of the damage by the insurer’s own adjuster, who will inspect the property and will provide an estimation of the loss sustained. Make sure to save all the receipts that prove your preservation efforts – you will need the documents during the negotiations with your insurance carrier.  Your first point of contact should be to one of the local roofing companies in Panama City FL to protect your home as well as everything inside.

Help with the Selection of Contractors

Your insurer can help you a lot with the selection of the contractors that you will need for the restoration by providing you with a list of the contractors that are part of their network. You can also carry out your own research to find suitable local contractors.

Tips for the Compensation Negotiation Process

While dealing with your insurer, it is essential to have accurate information regarding the types of damage and the amount that your insurance policy covers for. Find out whether the policy covers for debris removal and loss of income and try to find out how long it will take the insurer to process your claim and to make the compensation available to you. If you are a small business owner and it is the property of your company that has sustained the damage, you need to find out if your insurance provides coverage for loss of equipment as well.