Should I Consider a Metal Roof on My Commercial Building?

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The roof of your commercial building must be made of strong, durable and visually pleasing materials. The type of roof covering must be chosen carefully, just like the rainwater system and the rest of the necessary accessories.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in interest in metal roofing, especially in metal shingles and standing seam. These, being usually made of steel, ensure increased weather resistance and provide buildings a neat and uniform aspect.

Metal tiles

Metal tile roofs are the favorites of those who want to perfectly combine special aesthetics with efficiency. They can be made of various materials such as steel, copper or aluminum. Of course, the most common is steel, this alloy having special properties that, once transposed into the final product, provide increased strength and a flawless appearance.

A metal tile roof is lightweight, which makes handling and installation quicker and easier. Also, the flexibility of the metal allows the creation of complex roofs, and the many colors in which the metal tiles are manufactured make this type of roofing suitable for both modern and traditional houses.

Standing seam

Another metal roof covering, appreciated for its strength, is the standing seam. It is malleable, suitable for various types of commercial buildings, even with very small slopes. Such a roof can be profiled up to minus 15 degrees Celsius and, installed correctly, ensures impeccable functionality.

In the case of this type of roof, the fact that the surface of the sheet is not drilled during installation is a big pro – the joint system is made by folding the sheet metal panels and fastening them with the help of clamps, to the roof`s structure.

Other types of metal roofs

In addition to the two types of metal roofs presented above, there are two others that can also be good choices, depending on the type of the building: corrugated sheets and metal shingles.

Corrugated roofing sheets are affordable and have an efficient joining system that does not allow water infiltration, if the installation is done correctly.

Regarding the metal shingles, a fairly new material on the market, the design is almost identical to that of traditional wooden shingles, being generally suitable for classic buildings with sloped roofs, and therefore less popular for modern ones, where highlighting architectural elements is the priority.

In conclusion, Sarasota roofing company contractors confirm that metal roof covering options are safe choices for your commercial building, which guarantees increased durability and aesthetics. They must be chosen according to the design of the construction and, more importantly, according to the quality of the raw material used. In order to obtain lasting results, it is also important to pay attention to the installation, so it is recommended that it is always performed by specialists.

Metal roofs generally do not require a complex maintenance program. Just the basic operations – inspecting, cleaning, performing minor fixes in time – ensure that your roof will protect you efficiently, for a very long time and guarantee your peace of mind.